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an engineering degree and dad is a former science teacher. >> pj's engineering background and my master's degree definitely has played a part in our success. >> another secret that helped the jonases become soap stars... [ goat bleats ] ...everyone has to pitch in. >> i have a rule around here. i call it my "youngest person rule." and that means that the youngest person capable of doing a job is the one who does it. >> just like cows, goats need to be milked every day. >> sometimes i'll even get up as early as 6:00. >> another big job is filling the online orders that come in from people all over the country. >> i'd say the hardest thing about living in a family that runs a business is when my little brothers or sisters don't do their jobs and i get stuck doing them. >> you have to work with your siblings all the time. you, like, you don't get a break from them. and that can get really annoying. >> but there's also a lot of positives. >> i mean, you get to do a lot of cool things that most kids don't get to do. >> some of my friends often want to come over and help out. they come over and they b
at the california science center. the new exhibit will show two parts and first you will enter a hall and you will be given a tour. it will give you the story of the exhibition and artifacts. they will show you how exhibition and artifacts. they will show you how endeavor to all this work >> coming up on kron4 as 7:00 a.m. we will tell you how sandy is the are calls for 17 deaths in the u.s.. if this was also have a fax or your travel plans. the world championship giants are home and we will have the scoop on tomorrows a victory parade coming up.
sight. the california science center will open its public display on the shuttle today. it will be on display at exposition park. it arrived after flying over a number of landmarks in california. the shuttle made a 12 mi. journey through the streets of los angeles where it estimated 1 million spectators watched it go by. with russia that live as well. the new exhibit will include two parts. before entering law call you a tour an exhibit that tells the story of california's aerospace industry in the shuttle program. it features videos, images, and artifacts, including endeavour's toilet and kitchen. visitors will enter the samuel auction pavilion. if you need a up close and personal look. still ahead on the kron 4 morning knows hurricane sandy strike and the east coast leaving residents without power and also leaving city officials dealing with flooding fires and damaged buildings plus the gian about before tomorrow morning. plus will be keeping an eye on the skies with erica she will be along with a check of whether in george will be along with with a check of whether i
talking about it is the science. that is the person the signs the you can see. and to thank think that how do they do that they are out of control kids. >> and you think that these children are talking about. they do not want to take the next step. >> i have noticed this is not a theory this is a real truth. the moment that you sit down with the bully. that i did write in detention together. -- i did sit down and i ended up talking to her. and this floodgate of understanding opens. because i suddenly understood that she was scared. she was scared as i was. the understanding of being punished for different reasons springs camaraderie. i never said that she was my best friend. but i am saying that it -- brought camaraderie. but it cannot become friends in the and that they were still lead to understanding. >> our skills becoming more proactive? >> yes and no we are being proactive but we're putting up a wrong theory. when i go to speak to schools amasses come to hear that i can pick them out before they even talk. it is mainly body language. and they relate to being an outcast. there is anot
in 2010. he fills maybe they have something to prove by taken down streets science and setting fires and say see this is a big deal we're going to destroy things. l n bactal of 38 people were >> and we're back. here's a quick update on some for storm sandy. sandy is marching slowly ending while leaving at least 17 dead in its path in the east coast. president obama has declared a major disaster area for new york city and long island. pg&e are sending 150 of its workers to help restore power in the coming days. another rough day inr+nt l begin with forecasts. >> hi james we have dense fog to be concerned about especially in the north bay. the dense fog advisers to affect expected to inspire a around the 9:00 hour. we will continue to cycladic conditions and to the early afternoon. partial clearing temperatures to be in the '60s and '70s. the clouds will return to our area as we get into the evening hours. because of the dense fog we do have poor visibility at as at all. we are seeing delays on arriving flights average of 67 minutes. this is not counting the cancellation we have seen i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5